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Jacinta Room

In the Jacinta room, the children ‘are the leaders of their own learning’. We use a wide variety of natural materials and resources to enhance their learning experience. The children using their own senses discover and explore the natural resources and materials which enhances their own interests. From this as a facilitator along with our natural environment this enables me to understand, recognise and appreciate the needs, wants and desires of the children and how I can help them to promote their natural talents and learning abilities. Our classroom is set up with lots of neutral colours, natural light, soft furnishings, mirrors to explore and is very open and spacious. It is like having a home from home. We have a lot of high contrasting materials which enable the Jacinta children to go on an exploration journey which matches their own interests.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Jacinta room.

Lucia Room

Lucia’s room is for 2 years – 3 years old. Children have so much fun as they learn. We engage in activities that give children opportunities to learn, develop and have fun.he layout of the room is sectioned in a way that encourages children to play and explore independently and in a small group. Our rooms are light and airy allowing children to explore different fun activities. Resources are easily accessible to promote the development of their creativity and independence.

Francisco Room

The Francisco room is for pre-school aged children – 3 and 4 years old. The room offers many natural, open-ended resources so that children can use their inherent imagination and creativity. For example, pine cones are great to feel and explore, to paint with, to create an environment for animal kingdoms but also as vital ingredients in the kitchen area!

Children are naturally curious and creative. How a child learns is as important as what s/he learns. The practitioners in the room follow the interests and fascinations of the moment and help to expand and extend the experience. Whether visiting the airfield, making a picnic, mixing colours, going on imaginary journeys by bus, car and train; adults will support not only the fun but the many other learning opportunities which present at these times. Active learning means that children are fully engaged.

We believe children learn at their own pace and level. The Reggio approach promotes learning through sensory activities which can be used by children of all ages. Creating literacy and numeracy opportunities through the use of the touch and feel of natural resources, e.g sand, clay, corks, reels, pebbles or flour leads to mark making and pencil skills on paper.

The open-ended resources promote the use of children’s imagination. Extending creativity and engagement extends attention skills. Listening to children and valuing their input into their activities empowers children to believe they can learn and teaches them not to fear failure, but to try again and find out what went wrong and how to fix it. This promotes lifelong learning skills.

Throughout the day we encourage children to build on their independence skills. We have high expectations in regards to promoting respect; for each other, their environment and the adults around them, to listening to each other and to the adults, with helping to set out snacks and setting the table for meals. We encourage them to assist in clearing up, returning toys and resources handling them correctly.

Mariano Room

Our Mariano room is a beautiful room with large windows overlooking the natural environment of Old Sarum and is a dedicated room for our before school and after school children when they are within the nursery.

This allows those children to have a space separate from the younger children who attend Immaculate Tots where they can take time out to rest, compete homework and play, especially after and before a long day at school.  We have lots of age appropriate resources for those children to use when they are in the setting.

During the day and outside of the before school and after school club, the Mariano room is a multi-functional room for the children within the nursery.

Staff can use this room as a small teaching space for smaller groups of children, a resting room for those children who may need some quiet time and children have access to a number of binoculars to enable them to watch the wide variety of planes and parachuting which occurs on the adjacent field.

This provides an excellent opportunity for the children to be able to expand their knowledge, communication and their own natural inquisitive nature, as well as being in the upper part of the building it provides the children with a different aspect to the environment than being on the ground level allows.

Sleep and Sensory Room

At Immaculate Tots we have a dedicated sleeping and sensory room. We recognise the need for children to have a safe space that is always designated for them to rest and to enable them to be within sight and hearing by a member of staff.  Sleeping children are always checked upon every 10 minutes and we have a monitor that always allows staff to have a constant awareness of the sleeping child.

We follow the child’s natural sleeping routine and recognise that the child’s pattern may vary whilst within the nursery, we always work with the parents and carers to ensure that the child has an adequate amount of rest and with any changes to their child’s sleeping routine.  We use a range of techniques to help the child to rest and all staff are aware of the importance of the child’s own individual rest needs.

We have three separate cots for sleeping babies and children.  Any child who is too old for a cot, we have adequate sleeping mats for them to rest upon and use these to support the sleeping child.  We maintain a high cleaning routine, so that every child always has access to clean and safe bedding materials and equipment.

Within our sleep and sensory room, we have a lovely sensory tent filled with lights, a bubble fish tube and other sensory objects that can enable all children to explore their other senses.  We use this designated space when there are no sleeping babies/children within the room.  This designated space is a great area for all children, in particular it can offer a calming effect on children who may be upset when dropped off at nursery or those who may have additional sensory needs.  Every child has the right to access the sensory tent with an adult when required.


  • To everyone at Immaculate Tots

    Thank you so much for looking after me and helping me to develop and grow. I have had lots of fun and will miss you all.

    Lots of love

    Rebecca Walsh
  • Wonderful setting and a lovely atmosphere, childminder is lovely and my son enjoys his time there.

    macky74, Parent
  • Rita looks after my 3 children before and after school. She is always very friendly and never had any problems.

    Stacey Mi, Parent
  • My daughter started with Rita about 20 months ago and she is so happy there. She has grown so much learning new things every day. Playing with other children and having fun. Rita always makes you feel welcome and is brilliant with all the children. She always likes to help them with learning activities aswell as fun activities. My daughter settled in well from the start and some days enjoys it so much she doesn’t want to leave. I would recommend Rita to family and friends.

    hayz 25, Parent
  • Rita is very good with the care she provides children. Provides a safe environment for the kids and engaging/stimulating activities. My children love going to her. I get good feedback from them and Rita provides good verbal and written updates for parents. Keep up the good work.

    Diana Ama, Parent
  • My child has been at Immaculate Tots for over a year now and he is very happy. We feel he is very safe, secure and nurtured in a warm family environment. really hoping that our younger child will be able to come here too!

    Katy, Parent
  • My children were very happy and content in the care of Rita. She was very attentive to my children’s personal needs and very professional. I have no reservations recommending her services.

    Mrs Cumm, Parent
  • Immaculate looked after my 2 girls in the summer holiday and they really enjoyed her company. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for childcare.

    yola1452, Parent
  • Rita and her husband Longinus are an amazing team! They have been reliable and flexible with my shift work and now my eldest has started school he is constantly asking to go back to Rita’s.

    bez89, Parent
  • I have been sending my 1-year-old to Rita for the past 5 months and have been extremely impressed with her and her husband. My daughter always seems happy to go there and I have never had any concerns. Rita has been very accommodating to our needs which has been a lifesaver. Thank you very much.

    Alice, Parent

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