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Fees Structure

Hourly Rated Sessions

£5.70 per hour
(Children from 2 years to 3 years)

£5.80 per hour
(Babies from 0 – 1 year)

£5.70 per hour
(Children from 3 years and above)


Included in the fees are snacks (milk and fruits or vegetables) Parent to provide nappies & wipes

A minimum of 20 hours a week is required for hourly rated sessions. if you do less than 20 hours a week, you will be charged the fixed session rate.

All fees are charged to the nearest half an hour, we do not charge by 15 minute slots, therefore 15 minutes is rounded up to 30 minutes and 45 minutes rounded up to 1 hour.

All invoices will be sent at the end of each month ready for the direct debit to be taken out on the 1st of each month in advance.

Monthly invoices are figured out by:

Session amount x 52 (weeks) ÷ 12 (Months) = same amount each month



Fixed Sessions

You can pick and choose the session you need, there are no required minimum hours.


Age of Child 08:00 – 18:00 08:00 – 13:00 13:00 – 18:00
     0 – 1 yr  £60 £35 £35
2 yrs £59 £33 £33
    3 yrs+  £57 £30 £30
Free 15 hours and 30 hours childcare available.

15 hours funded childcare available to eligible 2 years old children. We also offer the 30 hours free entitlement funding for children aged 3 and 4years old.

You can access the 30 hours funded childcare, if your child is eligible, you must have registered and applied for your code on the website. Once you get your code, then you can ask the Nursery Manager who will advise you on how to enroll to access the funded hours. Please feel free to contact the office, for more information and to discuss your requirements.

There are Snacks & Non Consumables charge for children claiming the funded hours at £2.50 per day and option of Hot Lunch and Tea for extra charge as below

Dinner: £4

Tea: £2


  • To everyone at Immaculate Tots

    Thank you so much for looking after me and helping me to develop and grow. I have had lots of fun and will miss you all.

    Lots of love

    Rebecca Walsh
  • Wonderful setting and a lovely atmosphere, childminder is lovely and my son enjoys his time there.

    macky74, Parent
  • Rita looks after my 3 children before and after school. She is always very friendly and never had any problems.

    Stacey Mi, Parent
  • My daughter started with Rita about 20 months ago and she is so happy there. She has grown so much learning new things every day. Playing with other children and having fun. Rita always makes you feel welcome and is brilliant with all the children. She always likes to help them with learning activities aswell as fun activities. My daughter settled in well from the start and some days enjoys it so much she doesn’t want to leave. I would recommend Rita to family and friends.

    hayz 25, Parent
  • Rita is very good with the care she provides children. Provides a safe environment for the kids and engaging/stimulating activities. My children love going to her. I get good feedback from them and Rita provides good verbal and written updates for parents. Keep up the good work.

    Diana Ama, Parent
  • My child has been at Immaculate Tots for over a year now and he is very happy. We feel he is very safe, secure and nurtured in a warm family environment. really hoping that our younger child will be able to come here too!

    Katy, Parent
  • My children were very happy and content in the care of Rita. She was very attentive to my children’s personal needs and very professional. I have no reservations recommending her services.

    Mrs Cumm, Parent
  • Immaculate looked after my 2 girls in the summer holiday and they really enjoyed her company. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for childcare.

    yola1452, Parent
  • Rita and her husband Longinus are an amazing team! They have been reliable and flexible with my shift work and now my eldest has started school he is constantly asking to go back to Rita’s.

    bez89, Parent
  • I have been sending my 1-year-old to Rita for the past 5 months and have been extremely impressed with her and her husband. My daughter always seems happy to go there and I have never had any concerns. Rita has been very accommodating to our needs which has been a lifesaver. Thank you very much.

    Alice, Parent

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Sterling House, Danebury Court, Old Sarum Park, Salisbury. SP4 6EB.

Telephone: 01722 237 200

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